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Scuba Packages By Oceanic

Oceanic Scuba Packages
Oceanic Alpha Veo Package
The following items are included INCLUDED with this PACKAGE Dacor Hemisphere BCD, Oceanic Alpha 8 PX3 Regulator, Sea Elite Quest XR3 Octopus, Veo 100 Computer Console and Free Regulator Bag.
Oceanic Competition Life Support Package
This package comes comes with the Oceanic Oceanpro QLR BCD, Oceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator, Oceanic Slimline 2 Octopus, Oceanic Swiv 2 Gauge Console.
Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator Package
This package is a real value for the diver who wants quality and reliability. Package includes the Oceanic GT3-CDX5 regulator, Quest octopus and Compact 2 gauge console .
Oceanic GT3 Package W-Aeris Atmos XT Hybrid Weight Integrated Bcd
This package comes comes with the Aeris Atmos XT BCD, Oceanic GT3 CDX5 Regulator, Oceanic Slim Line Octopus, Slim Line Console,and your choice of Black or Flag design Regulator Bag.
Oceanic Islander Complete System Package
This package comes comes with the Oceanic Islander BCD, Oceanic GT3 Regulator, Oceanic Air XS 2 Octopus, Oceanic VT3 Hoseless Computer, Packable Mesh Backpack Bag, and your choice of Black or ...
Oceanic Oceanpro Package
Save at least $259 off MSRP on this Oceanic Ocean Pro Package! Some of the best selling items from Oceanic all assembled and tested, ready to dive.

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