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Snorkeling Gear By Dacor

Dacor Snorkeling Gear
Dacor Bandit Mask and Snorkel Set
The Bandit Set Bandit Features an industry first, the lowest volume and lightest weight of any double lens mask available.
Dacor Cabo Dry Snorkel
Dacor Cabo DRY Snorkel Patented anti-splash system keeps the the tube dry at all times. Features a flexible silicone connection and high-volume air flow.
Dacor Pursuit II Contour Clear Snorkel
Great Snorkel with a Great Price. Dacor‘s Latest pursuit snorkel is loaded with features like an Adjustable locking snorkel-keeper with quick release feature.
Dacor Pursuit II Flex Blue
Scuba or Swimming Snorkel by Dacor Pursuit II Flex Blue ia a Great Snorkel with a Great Price. Dacors Latest pursuit snorkel is loaded with features.
Dacor Sport Allure Snorkel
Dacor's Sport Allure snorkel has a standard bore tube with a soft clear Silitex mouthpiece. The curved tube fits close to the face to prevent the mouthpiece from pulling on your jaw.
Dacor Sport Universal Clear Snorkel
This Dacor universal adult sport snorkel can be used by teenagers or adults. Buy a couple spares for your guests. Clear tube coordinates with any mask color.

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