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Snorkeling Gear By Scuba Max

Scuba Max Snorkeling Gear
Scuba Max 100% Totally Dry Snorkel
The Totally Dry Snorkel features state of the art technology to prevent water from re-entering the airway while submerged!
Scuba Max Dry Snorkel
The name says it all.
Scuba Max Max Pro Purge Snorkel
The Max Pro Purge Snorkel is a unique combination of valuable features at a budget price. A favorite style among both scuba divers and snorkelers, made from high quality, long lasting materials.
Scuba Max Ocean Master Snorkel Keeper
No need to purchase a new snorkel if your snorkel keeper breaks.
Scuba Max Pro Glide Snorkeling Package
Our Pro Glide Snorkeling Package is a perfect choice for your next snorkeling adventure! Quality materials, with added features and valuable extras.
Scuba Max Scubamax Snorkel
The SCUBAMAX SNORKEL has an innovative semi-dry top, which guards against water entering at the surface.

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