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Underwater Hunting By Action Plus

Action Plus Underwater Hunting
Action Plus Aplus 23" H/D Sling Pole Spear
replacement pole spear sling
Action Plus Aplus 28in H/D Sling Pole Spear
This is a 28 inch replacement sling for a pole spear.
Action Plus Aplus Hawaiian Fiber Shooter
It's a light, easy to use sling for shooting the Hawaiian sling shafts. Simply insert shaft through base, attach shaft to connector, and fire away.
Action Plus Aplus Plated Single Barb
6mm nickel-plated rock point spear tip. Is a multi-purpose point for use on medium to small fish.
Action Plus Aplus Ss Paralizer Tip
6mm hardened tips with barbs for better holding power.
Action Plus Aplus Sz Change Adaptr 7MM/6MM
7mm female to 6mm male stainless steel adapter for a spear tip.
Action Plus Economy Lobster Looper
Economy Lobster Looper with Plastic gauge.
Action Plus Sea Scanner Sled
Tow comfortably behind your boat to scout more bottom in less time. The pivoting heavy duty plane board allows you to dive or surface with the flick of a wrist.
Action Plus Shock Cord 16FT Line
replaces standard line

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