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Buoyancy Compensators By Tusa

Tusa Buoyancy Compensators
Tusa Active Purge Assist System
TUSA???s Active Purge Assist system This pneumatically assisted purge system with OPEV (Over Pressure Exhaust Valve) offers significantly enhanced flow rates over a standard inflator system, ...
Tusa BCJ 5500 Platina Evolution Cubic Bc
Superior quality and workmanship combined with all the features a diver could ask for. Full weight integration with rear zippered trim pockets eliminates the need for a weight belt.
Tusa BCJ 5900 Pro Cubic 3D Bc
Superior quality and workmanship combined with all the features a diver could ask for. Full weight integration with rear zippered trim pockets eliminates the need for a weight belt.
Tusa BCJ 9100 Selene Bc For Women
Designed exclusively for women divers. This ultra-comfortable weight integrated BC is specially contoured to conform to the distinctively different shape of a woman's body.
Tusa Conquest BCJ7000 Bcd
TUSA's BCJ-7000 Conquest is the latest in BC technology incorporating a newly designed high-lift 3D Cubic Hybrid bladder!
Tusa Cumberbund Extender
Cummerbund extender for any BCD.
Tusa Imprex Pro Cubic 3D BC
Imprex Pro Cubic 3D BCJ-5900 BC. Intermediate thru advanced. For the wreck diver, photographer, or drysuit diver who wants the comfort and control of a back inflation harness style jacket.
Tusa Imprex Pro Cubic BCJ 5960 Free Shipping
Imprex Pro 3D Cubic B.C. Jacket is for advanced divers who like adventure diving, back-buoyancy type B.C. jackets assure the greatest buoyancy.
Tusa Liberator Alpha BC
The separately formed tank rail prevents tank rail the newly-developed Tank Suspension System achieves a tighter fit between the upper end of the tank and the body.
Tusa Liberator Sigma BC
The Tusa Liberator Sigma bc is the newest in Tusas long line of high quality BC vests.
Tusa Liberator Sigma BCD
The new Liberator Sigma BC carries on the tradition of the Liberator with additional new features.
Tusa Mini-Knife Hose Adaptor
This TUSA Mini-Knife Hose Adaptor is an optional hose mount accessory for use with our TUSA Blunt Tip Mini-Knife or our TUSA Sharp Point Mini-Knife.
Tusa Passage BC
The BCJ-1600 is a lightweight and compact BC Jacket especially developed for backpackers and divers who travel to overseas resorts.
Tusa Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3800
Platina Evolution BC BCJ-3800 has been further developed for a new model with an Independent Harness System in addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which fixes the tank onto two support rails.
Tusa Platina Evolution BC - BCJ-3850
The BCJ-3850 is a BC Jacket designed to create absolute tank stability. In addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which prevents the tank moving around.
Tusa Platina Evolution Cubic
The Platina Evolution Cubic BCD (BCJ-5550) by TUSA has a 3-D wraparound type bladder for the greatest buoyancy with a compact size BCD.
Tusa Platina Evolution Pro BC
The new Evolution Platina BCJ-5500 buoyancy vest features a three-dimensional wraparound bladder for the greatest buoyancy in the most compact vest package.
Tusa Pro Cubic BCD
The Pro Cubic BCD from Tusa features a three-dimensional back buoyancy type bladder for greatest buoyancy with compact size!
Tusa Reef Tourer Conquest BCD
This Tusa BCD features the Advance Weight Loading system which securely holds weights with a pull release on each side. Much more secure than the old Velcro systems.
Tusa Rental BCD 2100
The Tusa Rental BCD BCJ-2100 is a functional and sturdy jacket that utilizes slow fade denier, an independent harness system and tank stability rails to provide a BC Jacket that will serve your ...
Tusa Selene Ladies BCD
The Tusa Selene BC is the best new buoyancy compensator for women.

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