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Fins By Cressi Sub

Cressi Sub Fins
Cressi Sub Apnea Team Dive Bag for Longblade Fins
LARGE Cressi-sub Apnea Team Dive Bag for Longblade Fins is for any diver who might need extra room to carry alot of gear.
Cressi Sub Clio
Colourful and easy to use, the Rondine Clio fin is designed with ultra-soft anatomical foot pocket which makes it the ideal fin for snorkelers of all abilities, including children.
Cressi Sub Cressi Sub Pro Star Full Foot Swim Fin
The Rondine Pro Star full-foot fin is the latest innovation by Cressi regarding fullfoot fins.
Cressi Sub Frog Fins
Cressi-Sub Frog Fin is Now a standard in the industry, the Cressi-Sub Frog Fin has design features that make it not only one of the most economical paddle fins on the market, and one of the best.
Cressi Sub Gara 2000 HF
Cressi-sub has been a world leader in free diving design technology for over 50 years. Used by many world-class free diving competitors, the Gara HF utilizes Cressi-subs patented three materials.
Cressi Sub Gara 3000
The Gara 3000 Combines all the high performance features of the Gara 2000 HF with a less rigid, more flexible blade. The Gara 3000 becomes the perfect choice for the free diver that free dives.
Cressi Sub Light Fullfoot Fins
New Cressi fins designed specifically for the pool and for training.
Cressi Sub Palau Long Snorkel Fins
Strap-on snorkeling fin. The soft and flexible material of the blade offers a fluid an easy kick. The special shape of the foot pocket allows the fin to be put on quickly and easily.
Cressi Sub Palau Saf Snorkel Fins
Palau SAF (Short Adjustable Fin) are very special fins, designed for swimming and snorkelling, but above all for all those who practise water sports and that only need the fins in particular ...
Cressi Sub Pro Light Scuba Fin
Cressi-Sub Pro Light Fin Features, Blade moulded from the sole of fin 20% more usable blade surface area, More thrust without sacrificing power. Great value.
Cressi Sub Pro Star
The pro Star is a sleek new design that, like the Rondine, Space Frog and Pro Light fins positions the blade on top of the foot pocket for optimum performance.
Cressi Sub Reaction Fins
Cressi sub has spent hundreds of hours testing both machine and in water and evaluating the various aspects of underwater propulsion. The result of this research is our newest fin Reaction.

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