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Fins By Oceanways

Oceanways Fins
Oceanways Ocean Explorer Fin
The Ocean Explorer Fin is lightweight full foot fin generates power with moderate kicking, without ankle and leg fatigue.
Oceanways Oceandart Snorkeling Fin
•TPE and polypropylrnr materials blended for maximum thrust for minimum effort•Web center concaves to channel water flow while "dead area" water is shunted through vents•Slightly longer ...
Oceanways Seac Sub Cyber Snorkeling Fin
The Oceanways Seac Sub Cyber Snorkeling Fin is a fantastic new snorkeling fin that offers greater stability, greater comfort & greater strength from the old fashioned snorkeling fin.
Oceanways Seadive Seadart Snorkeling Fins
Seadive SeaDart Snorkeling Fins The snorkeling fin with dive fin features! The SeaDart Fin blends TPE and polypropylene materials for maximum thrust and minimum effort.
Oceanways Speed-XP Full-Foot Fins
Our #1 fin choice, for beginning snorkelers young or old. Perfect for youngsters playing in the pool or for that big Caribbean cruise that the whole family is snorkeling together.
Oceanways Traveler Snorkeling Fin
Adjustable open-heelShort blade width and length ideal for swimming or snorkelingCompact blade synchronizes swim kickFlexible two material blade adjusts to kicking anglesSoft comfortable foot ...

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