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Gauges By Dacor

Dacor Gauges
Dacor Capillary Wrist Depth
Dacor Capillary Wrist Depth. Dacors wrist style depth gauge works on the capillary principle.
Dacor Compass Add-on
Add-on Compass for Dacor Darwin or Mares MC1 Gauge Console
Dacor Console Supreme Series Pressure Gauge
This precision submersible pressure gauge, with metal case is CE type approved and has HP hose according to CE specifications with a 7/16 fitting.
Dacor Dacor Supreme Psi & Depth
Super-compact console with submersible pressure gauge (P) and depth gauge (D).Ultra compact submersible pressure gauge, with max depth pointer. Boot: high shock-resistant soft elastomer.
Dacor Darwin Compass Kit
Dacor Darwin Console Compass Module to fit the Dacor Darwin Computer Console. Highly accurate, side and top reading compass with rotating bezel.
Dacor Supreme PSI, Depth Guage and Compass
Dacor Supreme PSI Depth Compass chrome plated brass body, 0-5000PSI pressure gauge, easy to read color faces depth 0-220ft., light thermo plastic casing, quick-release lanyard attaches to BCD.

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