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Kids Gear By Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Kids Gear
Miscellaneous 2mm Childs Shorty
The best Kids 2mm Shorty Wetsuit it is perfect for beach fun and snorkel diving. Ideal for keeping the chill off.
Miscellaneous 3mm Childs Jumpsuit
Keep the kids warm without breaking the bank. 3mm black/blue neoprene back zip suit will keep them from getting sunburnt also.
Miscellaneous Captain 4 Lx Mask Neoprene Mask Strap Cover & Mask Box
This snorkeling & scuba mask package contains the US Divers Captain 4 LX Mask, Neoprene Mask Strap cover & Mask Box.
Miscellaneous Childrens Best Snorkeler Package
Full Manufacturer Warranty! The "Mini Oceanview" mask (100% silicone!), BEST Dry Snorkel & BEST selling Speed-XP Fins. This is gear that will fit & last!
Miscellaneous Childrens Snorkel Package
Full Manufacturer Warranty! A GREAT package for kids. Our BEST Children’s mask, the "Ocean Tang” combined with the BEST Dry Snorkel & #1 selling fins!
Miscellaneous Dry Juniors Caribbean Snorkel Set
This is one incredible snorkel set for the Junior Snorkelers in the family. This snorkel set includes the Oceanways Caribbean Mask, Aeris Cuda Dry Snorkel & Aeris Velocity Full Foot Snorkel Fin.
Miscellaneous Finis Mermaid Swim Fin Pink
A backyard pool toy for children 10 and under. Adjustable velcro strap for safe and fun use.
Miscellaneous Flipper Jr Snorkeling Fins
The Flipper Jr is the original floating childís fin sought after for its unique combination of comfort and performance at a budget price.
Miscellaneous Gold Children's Snorkel Vest, Wrap-Around Wings
This is a great children's snorkel vest. It has a unique shape with wrap-around wings to provide much more stability and comfort for youngsters. Made of Nylon with heat sealed edges.
Miscellaneous Joe's Squidz DRY Snorkel for Kids (age 2-10)
Joe's Squidz Dry snorkel is the perfect children's snorkel. Completely dry, if they go underwater a unique valve shuts and keeps the tube from filling up. Drier snorkels mean happier squidz...
Miscellaneous Junior Size Kids Snorkeling Vest
Junior Kids Snorkel Vest for Snorkeling No worrying about corroded puncture pins or stuck cartridge. Instead this snorkeling vest has easy access oral inflator. Back waistband.
Miscellaneous Juniors Caribbean Snorkeler Package
Full Manufacturer Warranty! This is a great mask, fin & snorkel combo for the adventurer headed to the Caribbean on a cruise ship.
Miscellaneous Juniors Dry Blast Snorkel Set
Check out this great dry snorkel set we've put together for the "junior-sized" kids! We've combined the Oceanways Caribbean Mask, ScubaMax Dry Snorkel & US Divers Blast Snorkel Fins.
Miscellaneous Kids Dry Snorkel Set #2
The Kids Dry Snorkel Set #2 is great for children aged 6 to 10 years old.
Miscellaneous Kids Float Suit
When children are introduced to the water wearing a FloatSuit, their experiences are largely more fun and less fearful, than if they are not wearing a FloatSuit.
Miscellaneous Kids Snorkel Set #1
The Kids Snorkel Set #1 is great for children aged 4 to 6 years old. It features the Aeris Cuda Dry Snorkel, Oceanways Speed XP snorkeling fins & Oceanways Mini Oceanview Mask.
Miscellaneous Kids Snorkel Set-3 Piece Youth with Bag
Kids Snorkel Set-3 Piece Youth with Bag.
Miscellaneous Mini Oceanview Mask and Snorkel Set
Sized for small junior, ages four to nine. Highest quality liquid silicone is used to make this mask fit and feel good. It will last a long time with the quality construction, and fit well.
Miscellaneous Mini Panoramic Tri-View Mask
The Mini Panoramic Tri-View Mask is the latest in ultimate underwater visibility. Specifically designed to fit smaller faces including kids.
Miscellaneous Oceanways Juniors Caribbean Snorkel Set
This is a great mask, snorkel & snorkel fin snorkel set from Oceanways for the adventurer headed to the Caribbean on a cruise ship or snorkeling trip.
Miscellaneous Snorkel Vests-Kids
Full Manufacturer Warranty! These Snorkel Vests are great while snorkeling at the dive resort or just playing in the lake back home.

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