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Lights By Dive Rite

Dive Rite Lights
Dive Rite 300 Lumen LED Light
Dive Rite Hand-held HID Light delivers a full 500 Lumens of illumination for up to 30 hours in a flashlight sized form-factor.
Dive Rite 6-Degree MR11 Slimline Lighting System
This MR11 head is a 6- degree fixed-focus parabolic reflectors. MR11 head features Dive Rites exclusive form-fitting hand mount, so it can be used virtually hands free.
Dive Rite Handheld HID 10 Watt Light
Dive Rite's 10W HID Hand-held Light, featuring the SunSpot HID fixed-focus beam, produces 500 Lumens of illumination with convenience of a flashlight and the performance of a HID canister light!.
Dive Rite Handheld Led 500 Flashlight
Continuing twenty-plus years of innovation, Dive Rite has designed a high-output, long-burning LED 500 Flashlight that delivers 500 lumens of illumination and up to 30-hours of burn time on ...
Dive Rite Hid Slimline 10 Watt H10
The DIVE RITE HID SLIMLINE 10 WATT H10 features the Welch Allyn Solarc™ bulb, but with a focusable reflector making it Dive Rite's most versatile light head.
Dive Rite Hid Slimline 10 Watt Mr11
Featuring the smallest light head in the line, the MR11 has an approximately 4-degree fixed-focus beam well suited to exploration diving.

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