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Lights By Tektite

Tektite Lights
Tektite EXPEDITION 1900
This 19 LED flashlight provides more light per watt than traditional flashlights, allowing 12+ hours at full power with an additional 40 hours of usable light on 3 C-cell batteries.
Tektite Expedition 300 Dive Light
The civilian version of a U.S. Navy EOD LED flashlight. Serious lighting with heavy-duty construction.
The Expedition Star introduces the latest in LED technology—the Luxeon Star LED. This Luxeon Star LED flashlight utilizes specialized optics to produce an ultra-tight 10-degree beam pattern.
Tektite SeaRay-2
Computer machined from a solid bar of Aluminum, the SeaRay-2 is a compact dive light powered by the Luxeon Star LED.
Tektite TREK 400 EX40
Improved: 50% Brighter! The most popular size dive light now comes with LEDs! The Trek 400 EX40 provides LED power in a case that‘s comfortable to carry and use.
Tektite TREK 6000 EX60
Improved: 50% Brighter! The Trek 6000 EX60 sets a whole new standard for LED flashlights with an amazing array of 60 LEDs; making the EX60 one of the most powerful LED flashlights in the world!

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